Sparkler Filter / 여과장치

The Sparkler Filter can be used for multi-purpose and it is comfortable to use as designed for easy assembling and dismantling.

It is simple to replace filteration media and suitable for filtering diatomite and activated carbon powder

with the different types of supports such as fabric, paper, cellulose plates, and etc.


  • Capability of filtering articles up to 1 micron size can make it crystal clear filtration.
  • Cleaning unit can be attached to remove all wasted liquid.
  • Cake can be dried with one of by compressed air or by inert gas & steam.
  • As there is no down period due to non-flowing backward liquid from the work in process,
    it is possible to complete filtration and you can save time and cost as well.
  • No need to open the filter every time for cleaning.
  • Back washing facility can be supplied for continuous operation.
  • Cakes and solids after filtering toxic, hazardous, and explosive liquid are totally
    separated and enclosed from it.
  • Assure there is no contamination on the internal surface of filter shell.


  • Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food processing, beverages, distilleries, oil, sugar, dairy, ink, cosmetic, resin, varnish, laquer, paint & other allied industries.


Sparkler Filter / 여과장치  data 하단 표 참조
Table Date
No. of PLATE No. of PLATE AREA(㎡) Cake Capacity( l )
12 1.51 1,000 l/hr
15 2.0 1,400 l/hr
21 3.0 2,100 l/hr
40 5.5㎡ 3,800 l/hr